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Mortgage lending managers are available through the firm’s partnerships with covington credit and consolidated credit solutions.


Our credit repair method, which is powered by experienced attorneys, is widely regarded as the most effective in the nation. At Repairfastcredit.com, we fight for your rights to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes from our efforts. For customers who are starting over after experiencing adversity, we also offer advice on real, legal, and ethical credit repair. If you want to live the life you want to live, achieving financial independence is the ultimate goal. Consult a reputable credit restoration service for assistance.

Powerful Credit Repair service

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Credit Examination

If there is anything inaccurate, dishonest, missing, or otherwise suspect on your credit record, our attorneys will discover it.

Attorney Advantage

Credit Repair's legal team will check your credit report for free and work to improve it in accordance with federal regulations and statutes.

1-on-1 Plan

Once we determine the areas of your credit report that need improvement or have caused issues, your dedicated Case Advisor will go to bat for you.

Careful Credit Management

In addition to working to raise your credit rating, we also establish a credit monitoring system so you can keep tabs on its progress.

Seeing Guaranteed Results

Your credit will improve once the businesses we've complained to have responded to our concerns. The time it takes depends on the number of documents that need to be submitted.

Enjoy Better Credit

One of the first benefits of working to improve one's credit score is access to higher interest rates and premiums on major purchases like cars and homes.

Fast Credit Repair Guaranteed

Powerful Credit Repair service

Who We Are

We are proud of our position as a frontrunner in the credit restoration business, and we attribute this honor to the loyal following we’ve built up over the years. Our company has become the go-to for people seeking quick and easy access to credit repair services because we prioritize a personable approach to our work and give each credit repair case the attention it deserves. Because we have the backing of key financial organizations, banks, and mortgage providers, we can swiftly take the steps needed to fix any errors in your credit report. Strong Credit Repair is a highly recommended company to work with when experiencing credit problems due to the quality of their services and the reasonable prices they offer.

Credit Repair Service - Repair Fast Credit


Most people incorrectly think that all you have to do to repair your credit is focus on your credit score. Instead of just building useless complaints for all the credit agencies out there, taking a series of actions with the creditor is necessary for effective and expeditious credit score mending. Repair Fast Credit, the region’s premier credit repair service, recognizes the significance of credit repair and places a premium on a streamlined repair process that ultimately benefits their clients. We have successfully contested nearly every valid credit issue, ensuring that it is removed from the credit report. This includes everything from tax liens and charge offs to severe bankruptcies. We are confident in our ability to improve the lives of our clients because of our many years of expertise in the industry.

We hire top-tier experts in the field of credit repair who are dedicated to providing rapid turnarounds in order to better serve our treasured clientele. It is vital that your credit report accurately reflects your creditworthiness. Strong Credit Repair is here to help you solve any credit-related problems you may be having.


What Clients Are Saying

Inaccurate information or a single negative item on your credit reports can lower your credit  Repair Credit with all three major credit bureaus. Credit Repair can affect your chances to obtain lower interest rates for home mortgages and auto loans. It also will increase your auto insurance rates and affect your ability to obtain employment. Repair Credit has been very successful in the past by removing negative credit items. Although you can attempt to do this yourself, many individuals have found that it becomes very frustrating and time-consuming when they do not achieve the results that we can provide. The fact is that the credit bureaus may choose to ignore your attempts or choose not to re-investigate the negative items at all.

Yes, in most states the law requires that you be licensed.

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No, do not apply for any new credit because it will interfere with the process of restoring your credit and void our guarantee.

You will receive updated credit reports about every 2-3 weeks until your account is completed. As items are disputed, the bureaus will forward correspondence directly to you regarding the progress of the disputes.

Send the original reports to Repair Credit fix and make copies for your records

Submitting a properly-written dispute letter is extremely important while concerning the clearing of the credit reports. Sending an inappropriately-written dispute letter to the credit bureau might prove to be quite dearer for the person as, such a vital document assist in receiving in multiple valuable purposes including a job, loan or even a new home.

Owning a home is a long-driven wish of people for which they take a lot of sincere efforts. Home is the ideal place that we look as our shelter during bad times. A home is a place that witnesses our joyful moments as well as our days of despair. However, buying a home is quite a difficult prospect mostly, because of the poor credit history.

There are numerous laws and regulations provided to the customers, which give them the ability to interrogate the creditors regarding those accounts that are finally reported or submitted to the credit bureaus. Everything that gets appeared within a credit report must encounter the three basic consumer protection standards.

It is obvious that you are feeling overwhelmed with high credit card debts. But do not think that you are not alone. For those people who are carrying a balance in their credit cards month after month, they may also suffer from bad credits. There are several ways to get rid of the bad credits if you have any.

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